Test your Aptitude for Sales

The sales aptitude test measures your ability to be successful in a sales career provided you are patient, diplomatic and cooperative or you are outgoing, highly motivated, competitive and fairly aggressive. If you want to work in sales take sales aptitude tests as these days all industries are using personality tests to measure your suitability for a position within their organization.

The results of your aptitude test is validated against your performance records to help companies to select and train successful salespeople for public relations, marketing, sales management and customer service industries.It measures people’s aptitudes in things that are not readily evident during the interview process or when checking references.

Do you dislike cold calling on new customers? Do you lack motivation to follow through? Do you dislike asking potential customers to buy? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the sales aptitude test will reveal these things. Do not think you can outsmart a sales test as it is designed to reveal the truth to prospective employers.

Why use a Sales Aptitude Test?

Normal aptitude tests cannot evaluate the impact of your professional experience, sales training and techniques. For example, someone straight out of college with no sales experience and 40-year sales veteran may both score the same when taking a pre employment test if they have similar personality traits. But who would you give the job to – the unproven college graduate or the 40-year veteran with the experience to back his claims? Using a sales aptitude test will eliminate these disparities to give you a true assessment of all job applicants.

A good sales aptitude test takes all the guesswork out of hiring. Success in sales is much more than aptitude, personality and the enthusiasm to get out and cold call on customers. Anyone can have the right attitude and aptitude for sales, but if they cannot close a deal, and do not get good sales training they are unlikely to succeed.

Hiring mistakes can cost employers a lot of money in lost sales and customers, and in training and wages. Employers want to avoid hiring mistakes at all costs. They have so many resumes crossing their desks from people who want to sell for them, but how do they know who can really sell?

What does a Sales Aptitude Measure?

Sales tests measure the strengths and weaknesses of candidates wanting to work in sales.A sales aptitude test measures:

• Levels of Achievement: This measures your drive to achieve goals and targets, and how you follow instructions to successfully finish a task within a set time. A good salesperson will score above 75 percent as they are driven to succeed.

• Levels of Initiative: If you score more than 80 percent in this category it demonstrates you are comfortable working independently and are a self-starter.

• Level of Competitiveness: Your competitiveness is interlinked with all parts of working in sales. This measures your need to win and to outdo all people and professional standards to succeed. If you score more than 80 percent, it indicates you have the drive to compete in many sales environments.

• Motivation Levels: This measures your inner strengths, values and motivation to succeed. If you score more than 65 percent, you have a good chance of being considered for a sales job. • Assertiveness Levels: This tests how direct you are when communicating with people. If you score more than 80 percent on this part of the sales aptitude test, you could be considered too assertive. Remember assertiveness is a key to success in cold-calling situations.

• Interpersonal Skills: This tests your ability to work cooperatively with others and understand their needs and motivations. It measures how you interact within a work environment. A successful career in sales needs a high level of interpersonal skills.

• Your Goal-orientation: This test measures how clearly you see your goals and how to achieve them. Sales jobs are goal-oriented so scoring above 80 percent is a great score.

• Levels of Self-confidence: Salespeople need exceptional self-confidence to succeed. If you score around the 60 percent mark you need to work on your self-confidence, as in case of low self-confidence you can’t make successful cold calls.

• Levels of Diplomacy: Salespeople need high levels of diplomacy and tact as part of their job. If you score under 60 percent you require to improve your diplomacy skills. If you are looking for a sales job, be aware many employers are now giving potential employees sales aptitude tests to hire the best people they can for the job.

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