Radiology Careers: The World of X-Rays

Radiology careers are an ever-growing field to go into. Those professional doctors who have extensive training in assessing visual images through radiology are known as Radiologists. The radiology field got its start way back in 1895, but it has just recently emerged into a growing field of high technology. There are more and more specialty careers coming out of radiology careers. So if this is what you have been thinking of doing with your life, then read on and see about some of the careers that radiology has to offer.

A Diversity Of Careers

The first of the radiology careers that we are going to talk about is of course a radiologist. As a radiologist you will administer medical assistance in a couple of ways. One you will take pictures of the human body to determine medical problems as suggested by a treating physician. These images are the road maps that help to determine a diagnosis and a potential treatment. In addition, these professionals can also administer treatment using radiology for some illnesses. As a radiologist, you can work in different specialties. Some of these are breast imaging, cardiovascular radiology, chest radiology, emergency radiology and several others. But there are other careers in radiology field.

There is also a radiologist assistant. As a radiologist assistant you will be an upper echelon radiology technologist will perform your duties while being over seen by a radiologist. You will perform radiology examinations and will do whatever is required to assist the radiologist in working with the patients. This could be in regards to treatment or evaluation.

The Radiologic Technologist

Radiologist receives assistant from the radiologic technologist. As a radiology technologist you will mostly be the individual that runs the equipment that takes the pictures. This will be explaining the procedures to the patient, to reassure them and keep them calm. You will place the patient into the position so that accurate pictures can be taken. A technologist could also run the x-ray equipment that is mobile in nature wherever and whenever that picture needs to be taken. And also simply assist the radiologist in all aspects of the radiology department as needed.

One more radiology career is a radiology nurse. As a radiology nurse you will provide the emotional, mental and physical needs of the individual in need. You will also develop and manage a program designed to help the patient and their families understand the procedure and later be able to recover from his or her procedure. As a radiology nurse you will also examine patients in order to ensure the prevention of health related issues under the instruction of the radiologists.

Radiology Careers: Is College Necessary?

Yes, college will be needed for all of these careers. To be a radiologist you will need to graduate from an accredited medical school and earned a MD. You will also need to pass the licensing examination. You will need at least one year of internship and four years of medical residency.

A radiologist assistant will need to complete an academic program and a radiologist-supervised clinical internship. A radiologist and technologist can get start with a few years of specialized training but typically will be required to have either a 2 or 4- year degree. If you want to be a radiology nurse you will have to get your degree in nursing from an educational institution that has been accredited.

These are all good radiology careers to get into. These fields will be careers that will always have job openings and will be ever growing and will be in high demand. They are also well paying careers and will be satisfying and rewarding. So if you are interested in the medical field, this will be a great field to get into. As with all careers these require extensive educational pursuit and plenty of steadfast determination just to get your feet in the door. The demand for these career positions is great and the monetary gains are very satisfying as well. The medical field continues to grow with technology and there will always be a need for medical professionals to assist the patients in need. The radiology careers are challenging and rewarding for those who seek a solid career.

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