Forensic Science Careers: The Crime Solvers

Forensic Science Careers are some of the most important careers that there is for you or anyone to go into it. Forensic Science is all about catching the bad guy. It doesn’t matter which choice of careers that you make involving forensic science, it all comes down to the same thing, the bad guy/girl.

Career in forensic science is not for everyone, it takes someone special to be as dedicated that this kind of career needs you to be. But if you feel that you are a dedicated person, and that you feel strongly that this is the career for you, then there is many different careers which are available in forensic science.

Forensic Science Careers: A Wide Range of Careers

Career in forensic science has a wide range of careers. Depending on your personal interest, if you want to make a career out of finding the bad guy/girl, you can surely find a career that will work for you. I will tell you about just a few of the possibilities that are in forensic science for you to pursue.Forensic science is a term used for many distinct disciplines that may be used to help in a court case. It is divided into three groups, medical, laboratory and field services. One of the Forensic Science Careers is criminalistics.

Criminalistics are also known as crime scene technicians, investigators or examiners. Your job in criminalistics would be to go to the crime scene and collect all evidence. This includes evidence like blood splattering, trace evidence, impression evidence and drug identification. As a criminalistics you will be called into court to testify on all the evidence that you have found. Criminalistics are a very important part of any investigation, so your job would be of utmost importance.

Another Forensic Science Career is in the medical field. The highest paying job in forensics science is the medical examiner. But you have to be able to handle cutting up dead bodies. Your career as a medical examiner is a vital part of the investigation. You will have to examine the body to find any clues on how the person died. You will have to collect all pertinent evidence that the body may contain. It will be your job to figure out how the person died, how long they ago they died and so on. Then you will have to testify in court of all your findings.

An interesting part of the Forensic Science Careers is the Crime Laboratory Analyst. Your job here would be to test all the evidence that was collected during the crime scene investigation and the medical examiner findings. D.N.A will have to be tested, blood samples; clothes will have to be tested. Your job in the laboratory will be tedious. But it is an important job that will really help break the case. You will also be called into court to testify about your findings.

I just covered three of the major careers in forensic science. There are many more like police officers, detectives and more. So if you are still interested then let me tell you a little about the education that you will need to be in forensic science.

Forensic Science Careers: Education

Do you need an education to have a Forensic Science Career? Yes, you do. A medical examiner needs to go to school for seven plus years. But for any of the forensic careers, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in physical or applied science. Some of the careers demand that you go on and receive you masters. And even then you will need to go through training through the F.B.I, D.E.A or a criminalistics institute. You may think that it is too much education needed but it will be well worth it in the long run.

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