Careers in Physical Therapy: Regaining the Motion

Physical therapy is all about helping a person regain strength and motion in an injured part of their body. Physical therapy can also help a person relieve pain. It can help a person go from not being able to do much on his or her own, to gaining full mobility. So if you are interested in doing this kind of job, please read on.There are three different kinds of Careers in Physical Therapy, so you will have a choice of which you would rather work in.

Careers in Physical Therapy: The Three Choices

There are three choices of Careers in Physical Therapy. So you will have a choice of what kind of a physical therapy that you want to have a career in. The first choice is a physical therapist. As a physical therapist you will have direct care with the patient. You will provide a service that helps to regain strength, mobility and help relieve their pain. As their physical therapists, you will develop a plan of action and stick with them until the goals that they have set are reached to their full potential. This can be people that have been badly injured in a car accident or people that have disabling conditions, like heart disease or back pain. As their therapist, your role in their recovery is a very important one. They will depend on you to help them regain their life.

Another Career in Physical Therapy is a Physical therapist assistant. As a physical therapist assistant, your job will be to work under the direction of a physical therapist. You will help give therapy to the patients and do whatever the therapist needs you to do. Your role in helping the therapists with these patients is very important. The physical therapist will depend on you to be their right arm and your patients will depend on you also.

Lastly but not of less importance is the physical therapist aide. Your job as a physical therapist aide will involve cleaning the therapy rooms. You also will keep them organized and ready for each patient. You will also be responsible for bringing the patients to and from the therapy rooms. You will work directly under the physical therapists and the physical therapist assistant.

Careers in Physical Therapy: Education and Benefits

Careers in Physical Therapy is always in demand. Physical therapy is not something that can be taken over by machine, so it is a job that will always be needed.

Each of these three Careers in Physical Therapy has different requirements as far as education goes. If you want to be a physical therapist then you will need to go to college. You are required to have a master’s degree or a doctorate degree from a physical therapist educational program. Then you will have to pass a licensing exam.

To have a career as a Physical therapist assistant, you must complete an accredited physical therapy assistant program, where you will earn an associates degree. You will also need to be certified in CPR and other first aid and clinical experience.The Physical Therapy Aide need only have a high school diploma. Most employers will provide on the job training. They do not need further schooling or do you need to be licensed.

The starting pay for these three jobs is as follows. A physical therapist will make about 66,200 dollars a year. A physical therapist assistant will make about 42,000 a year. And a physical therapy aide will make about 21,000 a year.

If this is a career that you think that you might be interested in, then all you have to do is choose how far you want to go, but I am sure that they will be satisfying choices of careers.

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