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Standard Ways to Measure Psychic Ability Tests

There may have been times when you were able to guess something and it turns out you were correct. Does that mean you have psychic abilities or you were just lucky? To determine if you have extra-sensory perception, you need to take psychic ability tests.In this article you will find out how to test if you have paranormal capabilities.

Psychic ability tests are not common. From time to time, however, you will come across a news item describing a psychic, someone who can see the future, and someone who can read what you are thinking. Scientifically termed as Extra Sensory Perception or ESP, it is considered as some form of reception of information that the normal five senses cannot perceive. This is why ESP is also called the sixth sense. This sixth sense is then divided in many categories such as precognition or the ability to see something before it happens, telepathy or the ability to communicate mentally, retro-cognition or the ability to see the past, and clairvoyance or the ability to see visions by simply touching objects

A Brief History of ESP

It is in 1870 that the term ESP was first used. A French researcher named Paul Joire used the term to describe a person who had a non-normal ability to sense things even if they are under hypnosis, specifically not using his normal senses. In the 1920s, the term "externalization of sensibility” was the popular name for this so-called sixth sense. It was not until the 1930s when J.B. Rhine actually developed a true way of measuring this ability in a laboratory setting.

Although you might say that psychic ability is something that is beyond common comprehension, there are many scientific tests that will allow a scientist to measure a person’s psychic abilities. These tests were developed in the 1960s to ensure that the people who claimed to have this ability are not just staging acts.

The Zener Test

This test was designed in the 1930s by two people, Karl Zener and J.B. Rhine, to conduct experiments that will allow them to measure a person’s extra-sensory perception. Before the creation of the Zener cards, experiments used the standard playing cards with 52 decks. However, issues with statistical accuracy and ambiguity led Zener and Rhine to develop their own standard cards for measuring ESP. Today, the deck used for Zener type psychic ability tests is comprised of 25 cards with five designs: a hollow circle, a cross, three wavy lines, a five-pointed star, and a square.

To facilitate the test, a video is required so a panel can review it and ensure that the facilitation of the psychic ability test is done in a fair and objective manner. In the test, the experimenter will pick a card and you will guess what shape is on the card. The experimenter will record the actual content of the card and compare it with the guesses until all cards are used up. You will not be told per card whether your guess is right or wrong because it will increase your card counting accuracy. Although psychic ability tests often use Zener cards for measuring clairvoyance, the same cards are also used for measuring mental telepathy or the ability to communicate through the mind.

The Ganzfeld Experiment

This test has German roots, the objective of which is to make you reach a level that is close to having a sensory deprivation. The Ganzfeld experiment is used mainly in psychic ability tests to measure mental telepathy. What it tries to detect is your ability to receive information in any way that is beyond the five senses, specifically by conveying information through thoughts. It was developed in the 1970s and the first result was released in 1974. Since then, the Ganzfeld experiment has been a standard in para psychological research.

In the experiment, you will be placed in a room to relax on a chair, with your eyes covered with halved ping pong balls with red light shone on them. Your ears will wear headphones that have consistent static sounds. You will then be in this state for about an hour to bring you to a mild state of sensory deprivation. it is during this time that another person called a “sender” will randomly select objects and will try to communicate this mentally to you. After the set of psychic ability tests, you will be shown several targets and you have to choose what you think the sender tried to send to you telepathically. And then your accuracy will be tested by using statistical formulas that will indicate whether your accuracy is brought about by randomness or chance or by a specific ability.

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